Is It Possible To Combine Multiple PPI Claims?

Some people that have been miss sold payment protection insurance have been miss sold on more than one occasion on more than one arrangement.

Now one question that is asked frequently is “Can I put in more than one claim?”. The answer to that is absolutely YES, it is no problem whatsoever to claim more than once. In fact, if you have 10 agreements that have ppi on them, then you can reclaim the money for ALL of them no problem.

The judicial ruling from May 2011 states, that anyone who was miss sold, however many times on whichever policy, deserves to get their money back on any policy that is deemed to be miss sold to them. So yes, any UK individual with miss sold payment protection insurance can get their money back as many times as they qualify for.

There have been cases previously, where customers have had a loan, mortgage and a credit card, and they have successfully reclaimed the money for all three, with 3 valid ppi claims online all submitted at once and within 6 months they has all paid out to the customer.

In fact, it is even encouraged that if there are multiple claims to be submitted, that these all be submitted on the same day because the claim management firm will send out multiple information packages out to you for completion. And with 3 of these pending it means that a significant amount of money should be repaid to you, if the cases are upheld and deemed as valid.

Batch submitting these cases will ensure the quickest possible payout for them as well. With all of them going in at the same time, it maximizes the chances of missing any outstanding backlogs on cases previously submitted by the many millions of people in Britain, (and the many tens of thousands submitting ppi cases every month).

If you do have several cases to submit though, it is advised that you use a claims management facilitator to help with this, because chasing up on 3 separate cases can be a big responsibility for one person alone. Many of these firms have teams of experts who can take care of this on your behalf, meaning you can focus on everyday life while they handle this for you.

Do look out for a cheap claims management firm though, because some of them are extortionate in pricing. PPI claims 4 you charges just 15% which is one of the cheapest prices you can get, and many people have talked about them before.