How Do Human Pheromone Sprays Work To Attract Women?

Pheromones exist throughout the animal world and are an important part of communication. They exist in a simple form with insects but are more complex in the mammal world. Basically, pheromones are used by an animal to communicate a physical state. The pheromone is a chemical that another animal will detect with their nose. Some of the states that an animal can project with theses chemicals are fear, alarm, a willingness to defend their territory and sexual attraction. It is this latter form of communication that is of interest to so many people.

Do humans even have pheromones?

It is still somewhat controversial whether humans have pheromones at all, but the latest research would indicate the humans do have them but in very small amounts. The question is how strongly they work on other humans and the delivery mechanism as well at their purpose. At this point in time, there have been four different types of pheromones discovered, and it looks at least two of them are present with humans.


Types of pheromones found in animals

Pheromone for sexual attraction – this type of pheromone is released for the purpose of an immediate reaction. This type of pheromone is thought to exist with humans.

Primer pheromones – These relate to long term influence on physiology such as puberty. This is the pheromone thought to influence the synchronization of menstrual cycles with females living together in small groups. This type of pheromone is thought to exist in human females.

Information Pheromones – These give a specific type of information and seem to be related to females so babies recognize and bond with their mothers.

Pheromones to modulate body functions – these types of pheromones are usually found in sweat and can influence another person’s physiology in the short term such as calming down or getting angry.

Current research into pheromones

Research into human behavior makes it clear that humans pick up most non-verbal communication with their vision. The sense of smell among people is simply not as developed as it is with other mammals. However, it does not preclude the existence of communication with pheromones among humans.

Pheromones were discovered more than 50 years ago, and now it is only a question of how much the human body uses them for communication. Many scientists believe that once human ancestors developed color vision, there was no long a need for pheromones to communicate. However, there may still be traces of what our ancestor used to communicate.

Pheromone products for sale

There are pheromone products on the market that use synthetic pheromones and are marketed to both men and women. They are thought to work better with men than women because this is usually the case in nature regarding sexual attraction. Do these products work? It is up to you to decide. They can be found online and at most drugstores. Usually they are sold as a type of cologne. Usually the aroma will be light and not noticeable by most people. You can do your own experiments and draw your own conclusion about their effectiveness.